These galleries showcase typical items that I produce.  Each unique item is handmade, using traditional techniques as well as a variety of machine processes. 

Wearable Art

Wearable art refers to items that may be worn, and which are constructed using a variety of fabric construction embellishment techniques.  Each is described in more detail below.


Scarves are made from decorative yarns and threads held in place by an overlay of free-motion machine stitching.
Orange Scarf

Blue-Green Scarf


Wearable art pins are mostly constructed from Fantasy Fabric, mounted on leather or suede. They have a variety of shapes including fish, starfish, shells, hearts, and abstract forms.
Single House Row House Pin   Two House Row House Pin
Row House Pins
Fish Pin   Fish Pin
Fish Pins
Shell Pin   Shell Pin
Shell Pins
Star Fish Pin   Star Fish Pin   
Star Fish Pins
Leaf Pin   Leaf Pin
Leaf Pins
Art Pin   Art Pin
Art Pins