Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to bright colours and shiny things.  Colourful, bright, luminous threads and yarns are totally irresistible.  I have a huge and growing collection. I especially like exploring different colour palettes that result from layering and combining them.  Lately, I have been expanding my horizons to include darker, more somber tones, but always as a counterpoint to colour.  I have discovered what many already know, colour is often enhanced by proximity to darkness.

The teacher in me pulls me towards work of a practical nature, but I keep resisting and spend large blocks of time creating more imaginary works.  Our spectacular north Atlantic vistas, often dark and stormy, equally often bright and colourful, provide ample fodder for my ideas.  The ocean, which for centuries has affected the lives of residents, remains largely unknown to me, but I can imagine‚Ķ and it is colourful indeed.

So little time, so many shiny threads!